woensdag 23 maart 2011

Yellow Man

For art class I had to make an impressionistic painting. My inspiration came from 'Kees van Dongen' and 'Van Gogh'.
The summer before I had seen a very cool image, which you can see below. I just really like the man's yellow head, I mean: have you ever seen a painting of a man with a yellow head? <no>
I really got inspired by the image, so I developed the idea to imitate that painting. I directly started with sketching. The second photo shows what I made of it.
The colours are great, the yellow face, the pink lips, the two-coloured background.. I believe that the designer used a simultaneous contrast to effect the yellow colour of the man's face. That's why I, in my version, added some extra colours in the background and in the blazer. I tried to make the face look less plane, by adding some green and brown tints.
I like the shadow kind of beard the man has. Because of that he looks very masculine, which his pink lips disprove. Talking about his lips.. The position of his mouth and the dimple he creates in his cheek make him look indifferent or stubborn. I really like people that look stubborn and I often use this expression in my paintings.

Comment two the second photo: "Oh yes, it's me holding up my creation. Why am I wearing a green shirt? Well, green and red are my favourite colours, that's, btw, why my nails are coloured red.."

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