donderdag 17 november 2011

Ruven Afanador

Look what I found! Isn't it lovely?
I very much like the mysterious colours. The pictures have obviously undergone some photo shopping, but which effects Ruven used, I don't know. I'll be trying to get this effect into some of my photo's, but how it will work out.. who knows?
All my credits go to Art Department, who brought me to Ruven Afanador. Visit art-dept, it's so worth it!

Autumn Part III

Sorry guys, I kept you waiting. My last post is already a big week ago, and that's unacceptable :) From now on I will have more time, because school isn't absorbing as much time as it did before. Oh and time flies! As I posted autumn pictures last week, it now feels like winter is very close. In this post I will show you some delayed pictures of autumn. xx

zondag 6 november 2011

Autumn part I

As I said two posts ago, I love the warm colour scale autumn gives us. The following photographs will hopefully show you the beauty of autumn. Enjoy!